Hello and Welcome to Womens Wellness & Rejuvenation.

I launched this website to provide my readers with a more personal approach to women’s health issues.  Stop by frequently to read about topics such as changes as a woman ages, supplements, hormones, diet, nutrition, and exercise and how to easily incorporate such into your life.  Simple changes will afford you fantastic results.

I will share what I have learned not only through my personal journey and expertise, but from others I have worked with and/or have known.  Treating ourselves to the best in life does not mean the most expensive or the rarest.  The best means the best for ourselves and that is something we, as women, tend to avoid.  We are great at taking care of others, but fail many times at taking care of ourselves. I hope you enjoy and learn through Womens Wellness & Rejuvenation and this site becomes a go-to for your personal help on your own journey.  Have fun today and smile

Dr. Leta Vaughan DNP, CNM



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